7 Tips For Storing Your Caravan

7 Tips For Storing Your Caravan

7 Tips For Storing Your Caravan

While most of us would love to be out on the road full-time, unless you’ve committed to a nomadic lifestyle, there will be times when your van is temporarily parked. But how do you make sure your caravan is well-kept while in storage? Here are a few tips for keeping your wheels road-ready.


Gimme shelter

This is always the best option for keeping the exterior of your caravan slick and shiny, away from the paint fading sun that can also damage rubber seals. Undercover options such as sheds and carports can prevent water damage and leaks, and make it easy to pack the van when you’re ready to hit the road again.

If you do have to store your caravan outdoors, make sure it’s on a level surface and tyres are inflated to their highest recommended pressure to help prevent wear spots.


Cover up

Caravan covers, they can be awkward and if not secured tightly they can flap about in the wind. You should also measure the external length of your van to make sure the cover is the correct size for your vehicle. This will stop any rubbing, which can ruin your paintwork. If you’re not intending to be parked up for too long, you can fit a waterproof drawbar cover.


Clean out the cabin

Starting in the kitchen, take any perishable food items out of the cupboards so that ants or other vermin aren’t attracted. You’ll also want to empty and turn off the fridge and freezer, leaving the doors open. After cleaning the fridge, I leave a container of bi-carb soda open in the fridge to absorb any odours and moisture.

Bedding, towels and linen can either be removed, washed and stored until they’re needed again. You could also remake the bed again, ready for a quick getaway next time.

If your van has an ensuite you can leave products in bathroom cupboards if they’re not perishable, but make sure to check dates of any medicines and first aid products to ensure they can be used again when they’re needed.

Leave the van curtains or blinds closed to save on sun damage or fading to the interior surfaces.


Power down

We store our van at home and keep it constantly plugged into 240 volt. This keeps the batteries trickle charged, but if you’re using a storage facility and the power will be off, take the battery out and keep it on a trickle charger before the next trip. Make sure to check that all the appliances are working as they should when you power up again.

Before storing, make sure gas bottles are turned off and covered, or take them out and store them securely away from the van.


Fresh as a daisy

To keep the caravan odour free, make sure the toilet canister is completely empty and rinsed. Give the interior a good clean and leave a room deodoriser or a scented liquid diffuser inside. 

Check inside the van every so often to make sure all seems ok.


Exterior clean

Clean the van exterior before storing and check it regularly to keep cobwebs away from pipes, outlets and vents. Water tanks can be emptied and refilled with fresh water before the next trip.

Now will also be a good time to give the caravan a polish and apply a rust-proofing lubricating spray on the legs.


Shoo pests

To deter ants, cockroaches and other pests from taking up residence in your van, put some bait traps inside and out for peace of mind. It’s also worth brushing the underside of the van with a broom every once in a while.


This article was originally published on RVDaily.com.

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