Types Of Reversing Cameras

Types Of Reversing Cameras

Types Of Reversing Cameras

There’s no doubt a reversing camera on a tow vehicle makes things considerably easier for hitching up and much easier for not only reversing but giving a good view of what’s behind when driving on the road. They are a great addition to a good set of towing mirrors.

There are a number of different reversing camera arrangements. Dealing with the driver’s cab the viewing monitor can either be dashboard, windscreen, and roof-mounted. These are most common in retro installation and can offer a large screen size.

Another option is an in-dash system where the monitor screen is mounted where the radio might be.



More after-market is a rear-view LCD screen that replaces the rearview mirror. It’s less intrusive than a dash-mount screen and easier to install than an in-dash screen but has size limitations and cabling requirements.

There are some rear view cameras that are wireless but these can be prone to interference and dropouts. But the ease of installation makes them almost worth this.

On the majority of caravans, the external reversing camera is mounted high up on the van to provide a variety of angles.

The best are those that have a normal and wide-angle lens, which can be selected from the driver’s cab. The normal lens is useful for most driving conditions while the wide-angle is good for maneuvering in tight spots.

This article was originally published in Without a Hitch.

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