Want to caravan around Australia? Here's what you need to know.

Want to caravan around Australia? Here's what you need to know.

Want to caravan around Australia? Here's what you need to know.

For many Australian caravan travellers it’s all about having that ultimate independence and freedom to explore this vast and beautiful country whenever and wherever. Caravanning can take you to great distances, giving you the flexibility to take you in a leisurely pace, rather than the hassle and expense of finding accommodation and places to dine. The bonus of having a caravan is that everything is nicely packed for you. You have your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and more, giving you plenty of comfort and satisfaction. 

Whilst all the benefits of having a caravan are there like convenience and mobility, having a caravan requires responsibility and learning what is needed to ensure you plan your trip well in advance. It’s also very important to have the right equipment on board so that you’re not stuck in a rut in the middle of nowhere. These are just some of the considerations to think about when considering to join other caravan tourers on the road.

In order to understand this further, we have collated below for you some great tips to consider helping you to get started… 

Towing a caravan safely

Towing a car and towing a caravan are both very different. For one, a caravan is a much larger object and significantly has a lot more weight. Wind and road conditions all play a role and are essentially magnified when you’re driving but don’t worry. Being able to successfully tow your caravan can be mastered provided that you follow some rules and techniques. To get started, you can check out Travel Australia Online - Towing Tips where they provide a great starting point when it comes to towing. It’s also worthwhile doing a caravan towing class. Tow_Ed provides special courses in towing, with a range of dates and venues across the state. 

Getting ready to hit the road

Now that you’ve made a decision to take your trip, there are some things to prepare so that you’ve got yourself covered. If you’re planning to go on an extended trip, first and foremost ensure that your home is clean, tidy and lived in. Lawns are mowed and mail is collected on your behalf. Make sure your doors and windows are secure. Don’t forget to have your keys and belongings with you.

Key points: 

  • Documents for the road you may need are things like your insurance, car logbook and warranty info. Having these on you will save you the trouble of having to make additional phones call to get the info you may need. For all these important documents, place them in your caravan where it’s safe, secure and easy to find when you need it. This will help to ensure you’re prepared should you need this information. 
  • Checking your car and caravan before you leave is important along with ensuring it’s in tip-top condition to take you the distance. Arrange for a service on your car before you leave and check your tyre condition. Do you need new tyres? Do you need to buy additional ones? It can certainly be an expensive exercise to replace your tyres on the road so it always pays to check before you take your trip. Check your heating and air conditioner, towing gear and double-check your car that its cooling system is intact. More pressure is applied on a car when towing a heavy caravan.
  • Along with your car and caravan, you also need to be checked too. Take a visit to your local GP. If required, plan ahead your prescriptions etc. Don’t forget to have a medical kit on board of your caravan.  
  • Having entertainment on board is a must. Travelling along the dirt road needs a bit of music so ensure you have a good list of tracks. Having a TV, sound system and DVD’s always helps to keep those on board stimulated on the long journey ahead. For some mental stimulation, books, games and other technological devices e.g. iPads etc are all good for the long road head.
  • If you’re wanting to keep your travels noted, it’s always a good idea to bring your laptop. Keeping up with your friends and family is also a great way to let people know about your adventures. You can also check emails and update your socials. It’s also a great way to store all your maps and planning info.

Getting out on the road

When you’re out on the road, it’s always a good idea to limit your driving to 200 kilometres per day. Towing a caravan is far more rigorous and can be tiring than driving a normal car, so it’s always good practice to get on the road early. Aim to be at your destination by early afternoon.

When it comes to itinerary’s, it’s always a great idea to do your research first. Research sites that give you plenty of suggestions and also provide you with other routes. 

Another good tip is to know when is the best time to travel Australia. Timing is perhaps the most important especially when it comes to weather extremes. 


Good preparation makes all the difference. Being organised will help you to have a great trip ahead, enjoying all the freedom and independence that you aspire to when travelling in your caravans.

Happy caravanning!

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