DIY repair hacks every caravanner should know

DIY repair hacks every caravanner should know

DIY repair hacks every caravanner should know

The DIY spirit almost goes hand in hand with caravanning. Anyone who enjoys the freedom of caravanning loves to do things for themselves.

Here’s everything you need to know for those small jobs that you can do yourself. 


Caravan lights

Fixing your taillights isn’t a hard go, just check that the connections haven’t been shaken loose or clogged with dirt. A multimeter will tell you which part of the circuit the fault lies in. If you find the fault, you’ll need a:

  • Coil
  • Spare wire
  • Gas soldering iron
  • Side cutters

Usually, you can pull the plug out to see if there is any debris you need to remove from the connection. Otherwise, look at the fuses and bulbs. Always keep a few handy just in case. If the fuse has blown, this could a sign of a bigger electrical issue. In which case, you’ll need to take it to a qualified repairer.


Rattling noises

If something comes loose along a corrugated track, the sound can drive you insane. Things most likely to come loose are your jockey wheel, which you can tie down with some bungie cord or give a little grease to. 



U-bolts hold the caravan’s leaf springs to the axle, so make sure to have some spares. If you don’t have a spare, and you know how to weld, you could weld the broken bolt. But beware, this will not last. 


Leaky awnings

If you’re out on the road and you notice a leak in your awning in the rain, an oily rag will hold you over. If it’s dry, duct tape on either side will do the trick. But get a patch sewn on once you get home. 


Water tanks

Always check your water tanks before you head off anywhere. Make sure the tanks and pipes are protected.

Carry a spare tap and hose, as well as a few joiners, with you to take care of any minor plumbing issues.

For pinholes, a screw covered in silicone will suit. Bigger holes will need draining first and can be repaired with special glues and fillers.



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