10 tips for storing your caravan

10 tips for storing your caravan

10 tips for storing your caravan

Storing your van correctly is important as a range of nasty things can happen if you don’t follow a set method. Here are 10 tried-and-tested tips for keeping your caravan in pristine condition, whether it’s for a short period of time or long stints. 

1. Empty the van

The first step is to go through the entire van and take out absolutely everything that needs to live inside your home. Food and clothing are the most obvious items but don’t forget your bedding, bath towels, hand towels, tea towels, toiletries and cleaning products. 

Don’t forget

It might seem easier to leave salt, pepper and spice jars in the van but the risk of dehydration and mould isn’t worth the risk.

2. Clean the inside of the van

It’s essential to clean every single cupboard in the van to check every nook and cranny. Wipe the shelves, clean the non-slip mats and replace the ones that have become grotty. Pay special attention to cupboards and shelves in wet areas to make sure there are no leaks or mould is present.

Don’t forget

Wipe down walls and every surface to remove dust and stains. Regular cleaning will keep your caravan looking brand spanking new.

3. General maintenance

Silicone spray is a caravan owner’s best friend. Go through the van and apply silicone spray on all the gas struts and any zips that have become hard to use. It can be time-consuming but you’ll be thankful when you’re ready to hit the road and everything works the way it should.

Don’t forget

Silicon spray is a miracle product essential for any road trip so make sure you have a full spray can before you head off on your next trip. 

4. Remove batteries

Some items take batteries, such as the van’s TV remote or the fridge thermometer. Leaking is a possibility so it’s crucial to take them out.

Don’t forget

Have a packing list ready so you won’t forget to put new batteries in before your next getaway.

5.Prevent mould

Mould is a caravan owners’ worst nightmare and prevention is most definitely better than the cure. Invest in a product containing hygroscopic crystals to absorb moisture and prevent mould. DampRid and PINGI are popular choices. 

Don’t forget

Place a jar with hygroscopic crystals inside the fridge with the door slightly ajar to keep it fresh and dry. 

6. Check under the van

You’ve taken care of the van’s interior, now it’s time to turn your attention to the outside. Check the axles, suspension, electric brakes, water and gas hoses, and the tyres. Look for stone damage or leaks and further inspect anything suspicious.

Don’t forget

Check your van tyres for the date of manufacture as they might need to be replaced due to age rather than wear and tear.

7. Clean the outside of the van

Allow plenty of time to give your caravan a good clean.  Get rid of dust, dirt, grime and everything else that doesn’t belong. You can use special cleaning/protection products for vinyl to keep it looking in good nick.

Don’t forget

Use a specialised cleaning product to clean the awning and run some wax along the top stitches to prevent water from dripping through.

8. Store under cover

Make it a priority to store your caravan under cover, away from harmful UV rays. It is recommended to place blocks under the wheels to minimise tyre damage from contact with bitumen. 

Don’t forget

Level the van so it’s easier to work inside the van down the track.

9. Take care of water tanks

You have two choices when it comes to water tanks: empty them completely or fill them to the top to prevent the growth of algae. 

Don’t forget

Flush your tanks before refilling them before a trip. 

10. Start planning the next trip

The fun begins when you start planning your next trip, so dream away.

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