5 quick caravan cleaning tips

5 quick caravan cleaning tips

5 quick caravan cleaning tips

Keeping your caravan clean doesn't have to be a mundane task. If you don’t have time for a full clean, do a mini spring clean for your beloved caravan. You can save your energy by doing these 5 quick caravans cleaning tasks, giving your caravan some much-needed love and attention.

1. Quick Cleaning the Dust

We know that dust can get into all sorts of places. So spend just 5 minutes dusting where you can visibly see e.g. surfaces, furniture, ledges. Doing this frequently will help to eliminate the build-up.

2. Quick Vacuum

This should only take 10 mins of your time. Vacuum up all the crumbs, debris, and fluff so that it freshens up the whole caravan, helping you to breathe better. 

3. Quick Wipe Over

Now that you’ve dusted it’s time to wipe things down. Benchtops, cupboards, handles - all the areas that gather marks, stains and unwanted odours. Spray and wipe down these areas so that it’s nice and shiny, giving your caravan an overall cleanliness. 

4. Throw-out unwanted items

There is nothing worse than having something in your pantry that is not smelling particularly good. Throw-out those items that you’re unsure of. This will not only freshen things up but it will also free up additional space and deter you from getting an unwanted family in such as ants or other pests. 

5. Freshen Up

This is your last step. Importantly, places such as the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, and bedrooms need a fragrance or air freshener. Your caravan can quickly become stagnant being in such a small space even if you have the doors and windows open. Pick your favourite smelling fragrant air freshener and use this to give your caravan a nice, clean smell to the air. 

We know that sometimes cleaning is the furthest thing on our minds and it can feel like a big chore. But, doing these five quick steps will help you to keep on your caravan’s general cleanliness in order. 

Happy Cleaning!

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